Lana Maric Featured by Digital Agency NYC SF LA London

Lana Maric Interviewed by Digital Agency NYC SF LA London

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What does your company do?

AfidenceIT is a business advocate & IT provider.

How do you differ from your competitors?

For over a decade, we have been providing our clients with unbiased, real-time business and IT solutions that are flexible and cost-effective. Trust is the core of our business decisions. We understand that IT is an integral part of your business, and our goal is to make it easy to manage IT the way you want. Whether you want to outsource your whole IT department, recruit a specialist for a particular project, or place a call for support and know your IT is handled, we’re there for you. Something unique about us is that even though we are a technology company, when we interview candidates, first we look at their people skills, then business skills, and lastly technology expertise. This is because we truly want to change the way companies view IT.

What’s the biggest mistake your customers are making?

Great question. Security is not just an IT problem because information security cannot be addressed through technology alone. Security awareness and user education must play a pivotal role in protecting sensitive information. Our director of information security and compliance, Shannon Glass, often references the following information security and compliance lifecycle:

1. Assess
2. Strategize
3. Remediate
4. Implement
5. Educate

Write Your Own Question and Answer

Q: Why do you want to bring excellence in your community? A: We believe trust is the foundation of a relationship. We think excellence starts with taking care of the people we are blessed to work with every day, by ensuring they feel honored and appreciated for choosing to work with us. We have such a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of the people we work with because we spend so much time with them every day.

We also work to serve those that we don’t have the opportunity to work with every day. We support over 24 ministries and nonprofit organizations. Whether that be through various outreach activities (i.e. Hands Against Hunger), volunteering some of our expertise (i.e. Call of Love), or through some of our charitable support (i.e. Employee Laptop Purchase program that funds local non-profits). This year we are excited about our upcoming partnership with Cedar Village for an event. The event is inspired by the Cyber-Seniors documentary that chronicles the astonishing journey of senior citizens as they discover the Internet and the world of technology. We want to organize an event to capture the amazing moments that can happen when the two groups get connected as we bridge the connectivity gap.‬

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