Micah Featured by Digital Agency NYC SF LA London

Micah Interviewed by Digital Agency NYC SF LA London

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To pick our guest’s brain, connect at @seo_texas and www.seomdtexas.com

What does your company do?

We specialize in getting local small businesses ranked organically in Google and Youtube. We also drive more traffic to sites, landing pages, etc. with Adwords and FB ads. We focus primarily in the Fort Worth and West Fort Worth area, but are open to anyone who needs help.

How do you differ from your competitors?

Since I am located locally with most of my clients, I offer myself to be available to them in person whenever they need it. My clients love the personal touch I give them.

What’s the biggest mistake your customers are making?

Not having proper on-page optimization and absolutely NO social interactions

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How do you show your clients that you can actually rank them? I start off with giving them a free website audit and then make a few improvements to rank long tail keywords + zipcode or do the same for a youtube video depending on their niche and promos.

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