Katherine A Vazquez Interviewed by B2B Ad Agency NYC LA SF

B2B Ad Agency LA NYC SF London Features:Katherine A Vazquez of http://iwashumanonce.myitworks.com/

Our guest is at VazquezKatie@ on Twitter.

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What does your company do?

It Works promotes Healthy Lifestyle Products Globally. Spa Body Wraps to slim down, Body Care ,Greens, Lifestyle Products, Facial System that works inside and out.

How do you differ from your competitors?

It’s not a fad diet plan. Many people get discouraged when they try to change their lifestyles because it take a while to see results, right? It works actually works with you to promote a healthy lifestyle. The wraps technology helps you to slim down fast with natural ingredients to give you results and confidence to begin to change your body and you life. There are natural supplements and shakes also offer extra boost along your journey to a new healthier you. The facial products and essential oils let you relax after a great workout and feel great. “It Works” is a whole body system. “It works”offers luxury spa treatment products at an affordable price. Starting a home based business with It Works, is easy 123. It Works is not marketed toward specific group like some competitors. It Work Products are focused toward results for a healthy you!

What’s the biggest mistake your customers are making?

They do not utilize the Loyal Customer Offer, to receive their products at a better price. Once a client tries these products thy realize that they do work. They become very excited!

What if you could earn an extra 500.00 Month, 1,500 Month or 100,000 a year?

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