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B2B Ad Agency LA NYC SF London Features:Steven John of

Our guest is at SJTechGuy on Twitter.

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What does your company do?

We do Predictive Talent Analytics – workforce science

How do you differ from your competitors?

We have a really cool, and easy, way of deploying our tool with minimal disruption to a organisation with little or limited need for tech-heavy integration projects that enables us to get a unique understanding of each business. Our tool then makes unique talent performance predictions for each applicant against that company or specific business unit. For example, our tool can whether a talent professional could expect an applicant from one of their competitors to flourish within the business (or not) before they’re hired, even if they’re being considered for the same role/function that they’re leaving. So we’re going way beyond psychometric tests and/or many of the descriptive analytical tools in the market currently.

What’s the biggest mistake your customers are making?

The biggest mistake potential customers (not our clients!) make is thinking they are using predictive talent analytics tools. 99% of the time they’re using descriptive tools incapable of predicting future talent capability. They’re providing a report on what is already happening within the business. Yesterday’s news, if you like. Our tool helps a business move forward. Consider driving a car, which way do you look? Forward. You check mirrors to see what’s behind for safety reasons (and we provide reports for our clients so they can see where they’ve come from) but our tool is forward-facing because that’s the direction they are going.

Q – Who could use our tool? A – Pretty much any business with a workforce that could benefit from an improvement in people performance metrics such as raising sales, raising average tenure, reducing staff turnover and/or absenteeism. Or for those more evolved businesses, our tool will help them become more equal, diverse and help them achieve a more socially mobile workforce, whilst still allowing them to hire through capability. Isn’t that a fantastic win-win?

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