Partnering with Digital Transformation Consulting Firms

Digital Transformation is expensive.

If technology is not your core corporate competence, hiring a in house team and outsourcing are both costly in terms of dollar amounts and failure risk.

Your in house team might not be able to produce the results you hired them for. It’s not unusual. Take a hard look at what Marissa Mayer failed to do with the thousands of experienced programmers she had in house.

As of June 31, 2016, Yahoo had about 9,300 employees.

Outsourced programmers may be able to do what you need them to do but they will carry a large price tag. This applies whether you’re in Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Brussels & Nizhni Novgorod or any other part of the IT world.

So what do you do?

I’d recommend contacting a capable consulting firm or programming team and offering them a shared risk, shared reward partnership.

After all, partnering earns you a core competency that you may not have. And it’s a big blue ocean out there if your ERP, ECM, CCM, and Legacy systems all dominate your industry.

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