How much does it cost to print magazines?

OK. So printing and mailing is the farthest thing from what a digital ad agency should be talking about, right? Sure. Technically. But if you’re talking about leveraging the power of offset printing with your digital marketing strategy, there’s no better way than to stay on your targets’ desks for months.

No, I’m not talking about just staying on their Windows 10 Desktop. I’m talking about that glass or oak desktop next to their favorite coffee mug and pencil holder. Yep. If they have a pencil holder, that means they still use paper and print.

Why, well, print is easy to read. And you can read print faster. It’s true. You don’t have that glare staring at you and killing your optic nerves.

So, ever wonder how much does it cost to print magazines?

Since we speak on digital marketing, let’s frame it against Adwords or PPC. A typical click to your website costs $3. And that’s what an entire magazine costs to print if you print over 2000. If your magazine costs $4 and you have 80 pages, the math is real simple.

Postage only costs another $3 and you’ve got longevity on your customer’s actual living space. How’s that for remarketing?

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